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Brewtown Newtown

So I realise I haven't written here for a while, I've started my research semester so I sort of got bogged down with uni. It's been quite full on because it's meant to be 35 hours a week but I'm loving it so far because this is what I've always wanted to do. I've kept the best part to the end :D

Anyway, just recently we've submitted our research proposal and after that we felt like we needed a treat so decided to hit a hipster cafe somewhere. We visited the famous Brewtown Newtown. I’ve heard that often there’s a huge waiting period to get into this cafe (as it’s quite popular), but thankfully we didn’t have to wait long. 

We started off with drinks. The weather was quite warm so I got iced chocolate (which was just their hot chocolate from the menu but with ice). I found the drink to be pretty average but my friends really liked the drinks they ordered. One of them ordered freshly squeezed orange juice and found it to be quite different compared to the ju…