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Holiday cooking (Part 2)

This part of my holidays was spent a bit differently. I went away to Asia to spend some quality time with my mum.
I didn't have to cook as often as I normally would (mum and others pretty much took care of everything)

The food supply was also a bit different, some of the things I use back home wasn't readily available here. 
Not having access to some things was difficult, but at the same time, I got to try other things I don't eat as often in Sydney (like guavas, they're my favourite!)

Recipe up for oatmeal omelette :)

Holiday cooking (Part 1)

After completion of my thesis, I had the best time doing some cooking experiments. I spent a part of it overseas (see part 2)
I've posted the recipe for kale chips and wholemeal date and walnut loaf.

Oatmeal omelette

Easiest brekkie ever! I learnt this while I was on holidays :) 
Ingredients * 2 eggs  * 2 tablespoon oatmeal * 3 tablespoon powder milk * 1.5 tablespoon water * Spices (black pepper, cumin)  * Any herbs you like (coriander/ parsley) * Tiny amount of butter (1/2 teaspoon)
Method 1. First combine oatmeal and powder milk together 2.  Add water so the mixture binds  3.  Add in the eggs, plus all herbs and spices you wish to add 4. Combine well 5. Heat a frypan, spread the butter and cook in pan for 10-15mins

Black Star Pastry (Strawberry Watermelon Cake)

Some of you might know about the desperate attempt I made last year for the Strawberry Watermelon Cake (see previous post at Black Star Pastry). 
Yesterday I had the privilege of tasting this cake at a party. I got super excited as I’ve been wanting to try this for almost a year now. I was so tempted to just skip the mains but I patiently waited for dessert time and made sure I left space for the cake :P
In the meantime, I went to take a close look at the cake (could not resist, for obvious reasons) and I was amazed at how magical it looked. It was constructed beautifully starting with a layer of almond dacquoise followed by cream, then a slice of watermelon with cream,almond dacquoise and cream again. Finally, it was topped with strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals.

It was a quite a delicious cake but unfortunately, it did not meet the expectations I had. I liked certain elements, such as the lightness of the cream layers, fresh watermelon and the nutty base. The topping h…