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Oat bars

As a kid, breakfast was never my favourite meal. I think it was because I was never a morning person and I always woke up too late so left home in haste for school. To be honest, there have been many days where I skipped breakfast as a teenager or even younger.  Of course, back then I wasn’t into nutrition and just failed to understand the importance of breakfast. But hey, this gives me an excuse to blame some of my not-so-good grades on breakfast haha! :P
Safe to say, I got more serious about brekkie as I got older; now I have no days where I go without breakfast! But I am still quite time poor in the morning (because I still continue to maintain my laziness in the morning), I usually prepare my breakfast the night before. If this fails, I grab my Belvita biscuits or reach for a banana!

Anyway, I recently tried out oat bars to have for my brekkie. To my surprise, it turned out pretty amazing. It’s actually pretty nutritious because it combines everything you’d normally have for brea…

Sauté Thai restaurant

My homegirl has returned to Sydney for a visit so we planned for a dinner. Every time she visits we do first catch up over Thai or Malaysian, so we wanted to continue our usual ritual. :P
We knew we wanted Thai. We came across Saute Thai restaurant in Parramatta. None of us has been on Church street for a while so we don't know when this opened up or if it was always there and we've just been blind! 
Anyway, we took our time to order because we are both very indecisive (you can see why we usually end up going to the same place because we'd rather talk and catch up on life rather than decide what to order :P
For entrée we ordered Tom Yum soup. It was absolutely delicious, perfect acidic balance of lemon, ginger spices. 

Mains: Panang curry with roast duck, Singaporean noodles and jasmine rice 

Roast duck was juicy and tender. Noodles were a big portion- we had plenty of leftovers. 
Their service was wonderful, the waitresses walk around and fill your drinks which we thought was q…



What's that? I hear you ask!

Well, no one seems to know what it is because it's such a small event. So I thought I'd write about it and make it all trendy haha :P
So basically it's a local winter festival happening in Parramatta. It's kind of like a mini version of vivid but it's on during the day as well. Activities include ice skating, workshops for kids, various food stalls and much more!
Oh, and did I mention there are big bunnies too? :P

Winterlight is at Prince Alfred Park and finishes on 12th July. 

Lazy day

So now I've got a bit of a break for about a week before I go back to placement. It's winter in Sydney and it has gotten pretty cold lately. The lowest was about 4 degrees so naturally all I want to do is hibernate away under that blanket.  Despite of what others think about winter, it's actually my favourite season. But there are some downsides of winter- getting out of bed is even harder! :(
I'm not a morning person, I struggle every morning when I have to part ways with my blanket :P
But today I did something I haven't done in a long while! I stayed in bed, till very late. 
I stayed in till about 2pm which beats all my previous records but hey I'm trying to make the most out of my short holiday so don't judge me!
I stayed in bed using all the possible gadgets, called up friends - I literally had a virtual party going on in my room :P 
Anyway, then I was getting a bit hungry so I finally climbed out of bed and made this: salmon, sweet potato frittata with ricot…

The beginning :)

Hello there,

As you can tell from the title, I like to partake in shenanigans so thought I'd make a blog and document it.

I actually thought about doing this for ages. But I wasn't sure how and when do I begin? Or if I should write even?

My 'big' plan was to launch this blog in January this year but it got delayed by quite a bit as you can see we are in June and I'm still writing my intro here!

I did make an account earlier though, but I never got around to writing because I was busy with training placement and it took so much out of my time, it didn't really leave time for anything else. (For anyone that's not familiar with what being in placement involves- it's basically like full time work but you don't get paid anything. You may be armed with a whole lot of experience but it leaves you exhausted and broke) :(

Now getting to the proper intro - I'm a 22 year old student dietitian living in Sydney. I've always wanted to blog but never got …