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The Emporium

This cafe has a great welcoming atmosphere with options to dine in or outside. We went on a weekday so it wasn't that busy.

I wasn't that hungry so I ordered a side. It was filled with Dutch, purple and orange carrots with Harissa dressing. It was great in the beginning but after a while, it got boring. It would've been better if they had one or two other veggies (rather than just carrots).

The dessert however, was delicious. It had lots of crunch, texture and flavour. There was lots of bits and pieces like bread, chocolate, ice cream etc. The amount was good in terms of portion control.
Yes, I know the photo doesn't look as appealing as the lighting was poor but it looked way much better in person.

Kensington Street, Chippendale (Hong Kong Diner + Koi Dessert Bar)

I caught up with an old friend today. We were in the Central area so ended up going to Kensington Street again. If you've read the previous blog, you'd know I only just went there last Friday. I knew there was a lot more left to explore but I didn't think I'd return so soon.
We walked around Spice Alley and picked Hong Kong Diner. We ordered a prawn dumplings and fried calamari. It was very busy as it was peak hour and getting a table was a bit of a struggle.

Finally, we settled down and started on our food. I was really excited to dig into my calamari because I rarely eat fried foods or calamari. However, my excitement faded after I took the first few bites. It was too salty. I know the description says salt and pepper calamari but I didn't think it'd be splashed with salt like this! Then I figured it would be less saltier if we soaked the calamari with tissues. It was much better after wiping with tissues as this wiped some of the salt and excess oil.

The dumpli…

Lal Qila


Amazing April

I'm behind with the blogging again, finding it so hard to keep up with how fast the time is flying!
April was a pretty good month for me, I had my birthday and graduation this month so I got spoilt with lots of presents and food!

In terms of work, I'm progressing at a moderate pace. I reckon I could be faster if I didn't have so many meetings to attend. I've joined a committee recently so there are additional meetings/events and few extra jobs to do. So I really need to make sure I'm productive with the time I have.

With my systematic review, I have finished extracting all the papers. I'm up to doing quality assessments now. We did Cochrane which I was already familiar with from last year. But there's also a new one called GRADE. From what I've heard, it's a complex tool to use so I think I'll need to allow myself some time to learn this.

The other thing I learnt this month was NVivo. I did an short online course on this software. It's useful fo…