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Dynamic Duo December

It's that time of the year, December has always been a month that has me feeling nostalgic. Maybe because I'm away from a very special girl who means more than life to me. 
It's her birthday today so thought I'd go down memory lane and write a thing or two about her. 

We met at school in 2007 but we were aware of each other's existence before this :P I distinctly remember the first couple of months because she was so kind to me and she would always compliment. She became one of the sweetest girl I knew. 
We pretty much clicked from there on. Someone in our group even named us 'dynamic duo'. We got closest in year 11/12 because we had the same subject combination which meant we were together literally all day. I've heard people say, excessive company of someone leads to conflict and I've experienced this with other people I've known over the years, but we have never had any serious fights. We've held some small grudges where we tried staying …

The Grounds of Alexandria

Today I paid a visit to The Grounds with two of my best mates. I've been wanting to go to for a while but it's really difficult to fix a time when the group is available. With my school friends, we have a long tradition of catching up after every semester but it's getting harder as we have more commitments now than we did as 5 years ago.

Anyway, we picked The Grounds this year because we've all seen too many pictures from this cafe on Instagram and other social media so we wanted to see what the raving was all about.

We arrived around 1pm which looked like a very busy peak hour. There was a bit of queue for the tables so we followed suit. Soon after, we realised the line was for people wanting to eat inside and there was a shorter line if you ate outside. The weather was nice and cool so we figured it'd be better to sit out rather than waiting for a table inside. So we got takeaway-

Smashed avocado with feta, tomato and mint ($9.50)
Roast marinated chicken breast …

Last day of uni (Black Star Pastry + Grill'd)

Last Friday was our last day back at uni, it was kinda sad but more exciting at the same time! We had made plans to celebrate afterwards at Newtown. 
I've seen so many people raving about the Strawberry Watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry so that's we decided to settle for dessert.
We finished uni at 4, got a little speech from our lovely coordinator, took a year group photo and set off on the walk to Newtown. It was kind of early for dinner so we decided to have dessert first. We got to Black Star Pastry at 5:01 and were devastated to see it had already closed! We were late by a minute (they close at 5). Despite our efforts of knocking on the door, the staff inside did not open up to apologize. But while looking at the door we realised there was another pop-up store at Town Hall. We had to decide whether we would chase it or leave it, and we chose to do the former, for obvious reasons! We desperately wanted that cake!
We went to Town Hall and took a while to find a place be…