Sauté Thai restaurant

My homegirl has returned to Sydney for a visit so we planned for a dinner. Every time she visits we do first catch up over Thai or Malaysian, so we wanted to continue our usual ritual. :P

We knew we wanted Thai. We came across Saute Thai restaurant in Parramatta. None of us has been on Church street for a while so we don't know when this opened up or if it was always there and we've just been blind! 

Anyway, we took our time to order because we are both very indecisive (you can see why we usually end up going to the same place because we'd rather talk and catch up on life rather than decide what to order :P

For entrée we ordered Tom Yum soup. It was absolutely delicious, perfect acidic balance of lemon, ginger spices. 

Mains: Panang curry with roast duck, Singaporean noodles and jasmine rice 

Roast duck was juicy and tender. Noodles were a big portion- we had plenty of leftovers. 

Their service was wonderful, the waitresses walk around and fill your drinks which we thought was quite cute! Price is also reasonable - we paid about $50 for the two of us. 

Final verdict: definitely recommend to anyone, we'll definitely be coming back for more! :)

Saute Thai Restaurant
18 Phillip Street, Parramatta
NSW 2150

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