Holiday cooking (Part 1)

After completion of my thesis, I had the best time doing some cooking experiments. I spent a part of it overseas (see part 2)

I've posted the recipe for kale chips and wholemeal date and walnut loaf.

Veggie mess of zucchini, broccoli, beans, carrots and bean sprouts
Rainbow trout cutlets with potatoes, zucchini, tomato and bean sprouts

Sesame sprinkled salmon with tomatoes, peas and wilted spinach
Wholemeal date and walnut loaf

Kale chips with tzatziki

Chicken spinach parcel with sweet potato mash

Chocolate banana ice cream with flaked almonds (vegan)

Oats, coconut and sultana cookies

Poached salmon, sweet potato and walnut salad

Asparagus and prawn curry

Sweet potato, chicken and capsicum skewers

Lemon herb salmon with sweet potato mash and zucchini

Crumbed chicken on a stick

Wholemeal fettuccine with lamb, zucchini and asparagus

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