Memorable May

My health hasn’t been in the best shape this month, so it has been a hell of a hard month for me. The main highlight I had for this month was the DAA conference, but I found myself getting sick right before my travel. Luckily, it was only a domestic flight, so I was able to drag myself out to Hobart. Unfortunately, travel and sickness don't make a good match; it was challenging. But it still ended up being a wonderful trip, mainly because Tasmania is such a beautiful land! I would love to go back again someday (Hobart blog will be up soon).

Getting sick this month has made me realise the blessing of good health, once again! It's something we don't appreciate enough until something hits us. The past few weeks have been quite stressful; I could almost tell that I had reached my breaking point and was going to get sick. Honestly, I'm so grateful to my mum for flying home this month. Her presence in the house makes a big difference in my life. To the world, it may have looked like I was doing okay, but I was struggling inside without her, perhaps more than ever. We often don’t realise just how much pressure we put on ourselves until we start breaking down. Hopefully, this will act as a future reminder for me as I tend to be very hard on myself.

In terms of work, I have managed to get a lot done. Because I am working on multiple projects, I am still finding it hard to switch back and forth, especially with statistics. But happy to admit, it is getting better. We finished conducting our focus groups earlier this month which was a huge relief. I’ve had another exciting news that has come through after a very long wait (will share in due time).

Overall, it has been a tough run, but I feel blessed for the experiences I’ve had this month. Now it’s time for me wrap up my work here and pack my bags, this time to the other side of the world!

Finally, here are all my May eats :)

Vegetarian pasta with mushroom, beans and carrots (#MeatlessMonday)

Spicy yellow and green lentil soup

Sourdough with avo, chilli + pepper and leftover lentil soup
Roasted sweet potatoes + carrots + whole chicken with lemon and sage
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Yoghurt + muesli with sultana, walnut and honey

Oat, banana and cottage cheese pancakes

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