Joyful June

I had one of the most adventurous months, ever. As some of you would already know, I was away for most of June. I flew to Canada to present my first ever oral at an international conference. I had been to an international conference in Melbourne last year; however, it didn’t quite feel as international for me (flying there from Sydney). But I knew this conference was going to be an entirely different experience.

One of the biggest challenges I faced before leaving was having to pack for a range of weather conditions and ticking off the tasks I urgently needed to finish before I left. As usual, I ended up leaving my packing until the very last day (this always happens). It felt a little strange to be leaving home for almost three weeks which is a long time for me because I rarely go anywhere without family. Nonetheless, I was also super excited for the adventure that awaited on the other side of the world.

The International Society of Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) conference was a wonderful experience; though I am still yet to figure out how I can incorporate all the things I have learnt in my current work. I've tried to take a lot of notes which should assist with this, but conferences can be very overwhelming! Working out what’s most relevant to you often takes time. After the conference, we explored Victoria and travelled to Vancouver (including a four-day Rockies tour) and Toronto (including Niagara Falls). I won’t say too much about my trip here because I am hoping to post a full blog on this trip later. It might take a while because I am currently juggling a lot of things since I’ve come back; catching up on everything you’ve missed is always the hardest!

As you’d expect, I've barely cooked at home this month. Here are my June eats at home. Click here to see my Canada eats, I had some amazing food up there :)

Porridge with pear, walnut, coconut and honey
Lazy lunch with steamed veggies and homemade ricotta on toast

Lentil lasange with 4 bean mix, beans and peas

Eggplant, tomato and red kidney bean stew

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