Kensington Street, Chippendale (Lower Mekong + Koi Dessert Bar)

We explored a very special secret place this weekend. I say 'secret' because it is relatively new and it's not easy to find unless you know about it as it's tucked away right next to Central Park. I recently heard about this place from a friend and coincidentally, one of my other friend's planned our group dinner there.

It is the cutest lane ever, full of modern Asian vibes.

We dined at a Vietnamese restaurant called Lower Mekong. Their food is seriously amazing. All of their dishes sounded so good on the menu, we had trouble deciding what to eat.

Vietnamese Noodle salad ($14)

Vietnamese pancakes (bottom)

I ordered the Vietnamese noodle salad and I absolutely loved it! There aren't many restaurants where you get a good veggie serve in a meal and this is where dish was an exception. It was wholesome and satisfying. It is the kind of light meal you'd eat at home.

I also tried the spring rolls for entree and enjoyed it. My friend's had really positive comments about the Vietnamese pancakes and duck in betel leaf.

After dinner, we walked around the street and explored other restaurant places. There are so many good eatery places.

Pretty lanterns

For dessert, we had plans to try Koi Dessert Bar. I was really excited for this one because I remember watching Reynold Poernomo in Masterchef last year and loved his aesthetc creations.


We stared at the display while we waited in line to be served. Each dessert looked beautiful than the next. We decided it'd be best if we order one each and share them. There was seven of us so we chose one each:
  • Banana chantilly cream ($9)
  • Naked chocolate hazelnut ($9)
  • Tiramisu ($12)
  • Mango Yuzu ($9)
  • Prince Popcorn ($9)
  • Coconut dome ($9)
  • Bailey's espresso hazelnut ($9)
Happiness in a box! ($66)

My favourite ones were banana chantilly cream and coconut dome one. The others were okay too but it wasn't my kind I guess.

We were fully satisfied and devoured all of it. It costs more than other places but well worth it.

Overall, I loved dining at Kensington street. I'll definitely be back here to try the other Asian places.

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