The Emporium

This cafe has a great welcoming atmosphere with options to dine in or outside. We went on a weekday so it wasn't that busy.

I wasn't that hungry so I ordered a side. It was filled with Dutch, purple and orange carrots with Harissa dressing. It was great in the beginning but after a while, it got boring. It would've been better if they had one or two other veggies (rather than just carrots).

Roasted Dutch carrots, cashew dukkah, harissa dressing $9

Chocolate cremeux, honeycomb ice cream, chocolate soil, dulce de leche, espresso gel $16

The dessert however, was delicious. It had lots of crunch, texture and flavour. There was lots of bits and pieces like bread, chocolate, ice cream etc. The amount was good in terms of portion control.
Yes, I know the photo doesn't look as appealing as the lighting was poor but it looked way much better in person.

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