Kensington Street, Chippendale (Hong Kong Diner + Koi Dessert Bar)

I caught up with an old friend today. We were in the Central area so ended up going to Kensington Street again. If you've read the previous blog, you'd know I only just went there last Friday. I knew there was a lot more left to explore but I didn't think I'd return so soon.

We walked around Spice Alley and picked Hong Kong Diner. We ordered a prawn dumplings and fried calamari. It was very busy as it was peak hour and getting a table was a bit of a struggle.

Finally, we settled down and started on our food. I was really excited to dig into my calamari because I rarely eat fried foods or calamari. However, my excitement faded after I took the first few bites. It was too salty. I know the description says salt and pepper calamari but I didn't think it'd be splashed with salt like this! Then I figured it would be less saltier if we soaked the calamari with tissues. It was much better after wiping with tissues as this wiped some of the salt and excess oil.

Salt and pepper calamari dim sum ($10)

The dumpling was delicious, no complaints there. The inside filling was chives and prawn and it wasn't salty at all so I felt it complemented well with the other dish.

Prawn and chive dumpling dim sum ($7.5)
We were satisfied but were left with a very salty tongue so we decided to get dessert. We went to Koi again. I was looking to get one I didn't get last week.

This Nomtella looked gorgeous with glittered hazelnuts sitting at the top. The middle layer was soft and had a beautiful texture. It was a good balance of chocolate and espresso. The base however, was too chocolatey and heavy. I didn't enjoy it as much as I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate.

Overall, I enjoyed it even though I may have exceeded my sodium levels. Even if I did, it doesn't matter because today is International No Diet Day (INDD). It's an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity. It's also about having a happy healthy relationship with food, which means you should be able to eat whatever you want, in moderation.

Anyway, I'll end here for now. Have a good weekend everyone!

Nomtella ($9)

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