Khaybar Restaurant

Two of my friends recommended this place, it was my first time trying Afghan cuisine so I was quite excited. I was told they have really nice eggplant and meat dishes.

There weren't many people as we went on a weeknight but I have heard that they are really busy and often hard to get a table.

We started with their famous eggplant dip. The 'Buranee-Badenjan' came with large naan bread. The dip was rich in flavour but it was just too oily. I did not expect there would be this much floating oil. The bread tasted quite nice with the dip but it was hard to tear and manage. We would've liked if it had been cut in smaller pieces.

Buranee-Badenjan as an entree ($6.90)

For mains, two of us ordered the 'Qaboli Pallaw' (one chicken and one lamb shank). The chicken was soft and cooked well. The rice was topped with carrots, raisins and pistachios. I enjoyed the combination of sweet and savoury in this dish.

Qaboli Pallaw Chicken ($14.95) 

Buranee-Badenjan as a main ($19.95)
Qaboli Pallaw Lamb ($16.95)

Overall, we had a great time. Unfortunately we ended up wasting a lot of food (mainly rice and bread) as their carb portions were huge! I probably wouldn't travel all the way to eat here but I would definitely come by if I am in the area again.

Khaybar Restaurant
64 Auburn Road
Auburn, NSW

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