Pizza Design Co.

Presenting the deep fried Mars bar with ice cream *drum rolls * 

Deep fried Mars bar with ice cream ($9)

I know what you're thinking, it doesn't look that great?! I must say I was initially skeptical to the combo because I'm not fond of Mars bars (couldn't remember the last time I had a Mars bar), and I don't like deep fried foods either. 

And then, I reluctantly had my first bite...
I was surprised at how good it tasted! I know the picture doesn't look as appealing, but it was very delicious!

The outside layer was crispy, and the inside was soft and chewy. It just melts in your mouth with the ice cream. It's the kind of dessert you could have during summer and winter- because it was hot and cold at the same time! 

I'd come back here for this again, and also to try a custom made pizza, I've heard they're very yum as well. 

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