The Vogue Cafe

I've been thinking about going here for a while now but somehow never end up going because Macquarie is far and out of my way. I've seen so many Instagram posts displaying their ever so fine looking drinks which always gets me drooling!

I took my time to pick a drink, trying to choose between Nutella, peanut butter and Oreo. I decided to go with Nutella as a safe choice because Nutella is one of those things you can't go wrong with.

The veggie AF dish looked great but I was slightly disappointed after I tasted. The dish had multiple ingredients- falafel, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, rocket, Spanish onion, cashews, quinoa, poached egg, garnished with mint, lemon and olive oil.
The combination of quinoa, cashew, rocket and falafel wasn't as satisfying as I was expecting it'd be. It wasn't bad, but at the same time, it did not stand out to me. I found the falafel flavours a little dull; it wasn't as authentic as the Lebanese ones. 

Veggie AF ($17)

The salmon slice looked stunning. I enjoyed it because anything that has salmon and avo are my all-time fav combo :)

Salmon Slice ($16)
Chips with aioli and tomato sauce ($7)

I finished eating early so I have space for my gorgeous Nutella milkshake. It was very chocolatey and oh-so-delicious. Maybe I enjoyed it even more because I haven't had Nutella in months! It was such a beautiful, satisfying dessert. I munched through most of the cone but left out the snakes (not a fan of party snakes). I left the macadamias in the drink till the end which allowed me to end my meal on a happy, nutty note!
The infamous Nutella milkshake ($9)
Nutella milkshake + Ginger beer

Ginger beer ($7)

Rustic chair vibes in the background!

Flatlay of everything :)
Overall, we loved our visit to this lovely rustic cafe. The staff were extremely friendly which is always nice :) the drinks are a little overpriced but it's still worth it. I'd definitely come back if I'm ever in the area again, perhaps for another fancy drink!

The Vogue Cafe
Level 2, Macquarie Centre
109 Waterloo Road
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113

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