El-Phoenician Restaurant

My homie just got back to Sydney so we caught up for dinner! We haven't had middle eastern food together so we decided to go with Lebanese cuisine.

It was pretty light because we went on a weeknight. As usual, we took a very long time to decide what we wanted to eat. The staff kept rushing us asking if we had made up our mind. We did not like this one bit because we always take our time to order, and we felt it was unnecessary to pressure us into ordering because the restaurant was almost empty!
Eggplant dip was the best; it was smooth, soft and creamy. It was my favourite. I could literally eat this every meal; eggplants are one of my favourite vegetables (yes, I have too many favs when it comes to veggies!)
Hummus and Lamb was an average dish. It didn't really stand out to me; I didn't hate it, nor did I love it. It turned out to be our least eaten dish from the night, and it's one dish we wish we didn't order.

Mixed platter was pretty good, seasoned well - the lamb was quite tender though I personally preferred the chicken strips.

Salad and Pickled olives-  this was an excellent choice because it added more veggies on our plate. We loved the variety in this. My favourites were the radish and pickled turnips.

Halloumi stacks-  we loved it, it's one of those things that I hate the saltiness of but enjoy the taste at the same time.

Tabbouleh- this has been one of my favourite Lebanese dishes for a while. It was fresh and seasoned well. I really enjoyed it. I probably could've eaten more of this, but I was trying not to fill up (so I could save space for dessert).

Overall, we had a great time; we would've liked it more if the service had been a tad friendlier. But other than that, we enjoyed the food. We would definitely order less next time.

Grilled haloumi stack: Served with mesculine salad, tomato and a balsamic reduction $18

Chick Pea (Homous): A puree of chick peas blended with tahina and lemon juice with lamb  $19

Eggplant (Baba Ganouje): Smoky chargrilled eggplant blended with tahina and lemon juice $13

Mixed marinated pickles (Kabees): A plate of kalamata olives, pickled cucumbers, turnips, and whole chilies $17

Tabouli: Parsley, tomato, shallot, crushed wheat and mint mixed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil $17

Combination (Shawarma): Chicken and lamb. Served with mixed pickles, tahina, chilli and garlic $30

Same as above, from a different angle :)

Dinner minus the shawarma

El-Phoenician Restaurant
328 Church Street, Parramatta
NSW 2150 

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