Jumbled July

This month has been rather depressing because I've been all over the place and didn't get to do what I made plans to do. I was progressing at a steady place trying to finalise my systematic review. But then I heard back from the journal I had submitted my old review to which requires further revisions. Initially, I thought it'd take me around a week, but there are so many little things I need to look into. I'm still not done, but hope I'm closer than yesterday.

In other news, I did a short statistics course. I've been trying to find a relevant course for months now, but most courses were out of Sydney or ridiculously expensive. Finally, I found a good one; it was using a software called GraphPad Prism. To be honest, it was overwhelming because stats has been my area of weakness and I did it a very long time ago. But I'm really glad I did it because now I'm armed with somewhat confidence.

Overall, it has been a really challenging month. I feel like I haven't been as productive because everything has been jumbled. But let's hope that the happy days are just around the corner!

Here are all my July eats :)

Sweet potato and date brownies

Lahme bi ajeen made with lamb, tahini and mint
Polenta, rocket and mushroom tart (click here for recipe)

Milk vermicelli with sultanas, almond and pistachios (click here for recipe)

Roasted salmon with spicy cauliflower and mashed sweet potatoes

Yoghurt mint marinated chicken with sweet potatoes

Penne with eggplant, basil pesto and pine nuts

Bitter melon, capsicum and sweet potato

Tofu and capsicum stir-fry

Kale and sweet potato gratin

Baked chicken with beans and sweet potato mash

Blueberry and custard pancakes

Mushroom, green beans and cashew stir-fry
Spaghetti with basil pesto and Brussels sprouts

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