Fast February

Gosh, this month has gone so quick (even with the extra day that this leap year has given us!)

I started my PhD at the beginning of this month and can't believe it has been a month already. I've been trying to adjust myself to the full-time (9 to 5) work routine. Right now, I am working on my paper from last year and starting a new SLR. To be honest, it has been a hard juggle but I'm slowly learning (safe to say!) I think the key is that you have to accept the fact that there will be ups and downs and you're not going to be super productive everyday. 

For the majority of the time, I have stuck to very simple/ quick options (as you can tell from the pictures below) except for the Brazilian Passionfruit cake which was for a very special occasion (see recipe here).

Other than that, I started using my bamboo steamer during the Chinese New Year time. I have always wanted to use one of these, hopefully I can do some experiment cooking with it soon :)

I've eaten out at two great places (see Mamak and Picknick View Cafe).

Beetroot salad with leftover pasta and tuna fish cakes

Finally started using my bamboo steamer- prawn dumplings

Brazilian Passionfruit Cake (bolo de maracuja) 
Sauteed chicken, asparagus and mushroom

Salmon, zucchini and bean curry

Spinach and ricotta filo rolls

Zucchini, asparagus and prawn

Roast chicken and corn with stir fry veggies
Blueberry, apple and almond muffins

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