Had my first proper food adventure of 2016 at the famous Mamak! This has been on my 'must visit' list for too long. I think I've avoided it longer than usual because of the crowd. I remember walking past this place in the past and planning that we'd eat here someday. We've tried planning spontaneous meet ups to come here but it's just kind of far, then there's the long wait.

We were secretly hoping the line wouldn't be as bad today because it's a weeknight. Even though it's 
Thursday night, you'd hope that more people are going shopping (than coming to eat out). Anyway, the luck was on our side this time. The line was quite short compared to what we've seen/ heard of. We patiently waited to go in. We felt a real sense of excitement thinking about what it might be like inside, it looked super busy. We were finally taken inside and shown our seats. It was a cute little set up with stools and small tables. It's actually quite a small place as well, but it was packed with people in every direction we looked. 

Finally, we got to the ordering part. As usual, it took us a while to order (you probably know how indecisive we are when it comes to food).
We started off with Roti Canai, this was really soft, crispy on the outside tasted nice with the curry dips.

Roti Canai, served with two curry dips and spicy sambal sauce ($6) 

Next we had one vegetarian and non-vege dish. I ordered the nasi lemak, I kind of felt obliged to seeing this is the national dish of Malaysia and a popular one too! As we started taking photos of the food, we could smell the beautiful scent of food, it certainly raised my appetite.
I started nibbling on the dried fish and it was so crispy and fresh. I've had dried fish at other places but I never liked it as much. The chicken was soft and tender, the spice balance was just right. The fragrance rice, curry chicken, chilli paste and dried fish together made a deadly delicious combination.

Nasi lemak ($9.5) with curry chicken ($3.50)
The other vegetarian curry was quite too. It was filled with lots of veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and carrots. The spice flavours were quite subtle in this one, but still tasted great.

Kari Sayur ($15) with rice ($3)

Overall, the food was delicious. By the end, we could see why Mamak has gained the popularity it has! I would strongly recommend it for anyone who is happy to wait for good food and  doesn't  mind a loud atmosphere. Oh, I forgot to mention to mention, it was super noisy inside! We are really loud people when we are together so you can imagine what the volume would've been like but I think you kind of get used to it once you're inside and start raising your voice :P
Anyway, finishing off with a summary picture :)  we had such a great time, we'll definitely be back to try more dishes!

15 Goulburn Street, Haymarket

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