Picnick View Cafe

We actually had plans to somewhere else but spontaneously decided to come here (as we were running late). I remember reading about this somewhere last year and wondering where the location was. I used to do volunteering here with Cancer Council and did one of my placements here last year so I knew the area well but I had no idea this cafe was hiding here the whole time (it’s because you 
can't see the name of the cafe from the street). It's completely hidden, all I could ever see was Campos coffee.

We sat down after ordering food and looked around at all the hipster elements of this cafe. They have a lot here, it's pretty much packed with stuff. We waited for a while and started wondering why the food wasn't coming. We found it quite difficult to sit outside (it was a really hot day) and there was no arrangement inside (it's a really small cafe).

Seating area


Soon after, one of the staff came and told me my dish would take another extra 20 mins because they need to roast it. I was getting a little impatient but then again, I thought it's a good sign at the same time as it means they're preparing it fresh?

The other dish we ordered came right after this but my friend refused to start without me so we ended up taking a million pictures and ‘shooing’ flies. There were just way too many!

Filo pastry with spinach and feta with salad ($14)
Finally, my food came, after what seemed like forever in the heat! We took some obligatory pictures and started eating. I ordered roast vegetables which had pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, carrot and mushrooms. The good thing was, it tasted delicious so we kind of forgot about the long wait. I would’ve liked it a notch better if the egg was poached (I find boiled eggs boring and old fashioned!)

Roast vegetable salad with boiled egg ($16)
But the other problem was we needed to be ‘shooing’ flies while eating (only if we had a swatter on us!) Multitasking while eating wasn’t easy but we managed to keep almost all of the flies off our food (we saw this as a great achievement considering how hot it was!)

The filo pastry was done well, spinach and feta make a beautiful combo and it was no different here. 

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Overall, we had a pretty good time, would’ve been better if we could be inside on a hot day like this (without the flies). I reckon we could’ve eaten more peacefully. It's a nice little cafe with reasonable prices and good food, I would definitely recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area. 

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